Reordering live post sequence and removing 'Edited By'

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Reorder Posts
In addition to the Insert Posts feature launched in September, Reorder Posts is now available to all ScribbleLive clients!
Here's how it works:
    • You can now reorder any previously published posts by using the post scheduling feature. To reorder: Mouseover the published post, click 'Edit' > and then enter a new timestamp using the scheduler available from the edit menu.

  • How do you know where to reorder the post to? We've updated the back-end timestamps, so they consistently display the time - right down to the second. This makes it easy to see the current publishing times; allowing you to reorder posts to the exact timestamp required. 
  • Once published, the reordered post appears in real-time in the appropriate position on the Embed, Whitelabel and Pinboard. (Note: Timelines will get the reordered content, but still require a refresh as always).
'Edited By' stamp
You can now also disable the 'edited by' note on any edited post; which appears on certain content when it is edited by a user who is not the author. This is useful when users do not want their Readers to know that edits have been made.
Why reordering functionality is so important:
Reordering existing posts allows you to have complete editorial control over the flow of content in any content experience, by allowing you to pick and choose where each post appears. Content creators now have complete display control over how yout content experience is displayed to an audience. It also makes our existing Timeline feature much more useable! Here are a few use case examples:
  • A newsroom is working on a breaking news story, in which Fact A is reported at 11:30 a.m. An hour passes, and the team continues reporting, using their ScribbleLive liveblog to power updates. At 12:30 p.m., a video emerges on YouTube that is relevant to Fact A, from 11:30 a.m. They publish the YouTube video and move the 11:30 a.m. post up to be next to it, in order to surface the breaking content and keep it in context. This would decrease editorial efforts, as context could be easily surfaced, content re-used.

  • A brand has a Pinboard of curated social and original content dedicated to a hashtag campaign they’re running. They want to have a controlled experience so that it looks perfect. They could rearrange posts/assets so that they’re in the right order to visually tell the right brand story.

  • A large team is working collaboratively on a stream, and everyone is posting independently of one another. As a result, things are sometimes being posted in the wrong order, as some people take longer to craft their posts, are slower typers, etc. Being able to reorder posts would allow for more comprehensible content experiences, as teams could be like, “Joanie’s post would make sense if it were under Paul’s,” and then execute that.

  • A user is creating a timeline and wants the posts to appear in a specific order based on custom timestamps. The user can publish the content to the timeline and then reorder by updating the timestamps as needed to tell the right story.  (Please note that users can only enter any date after 01/01/1970. This is due to Unix timestamp limitations)
by Jill Renwick, ScribbleLive Product Manager
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