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ScribbleLive is a collaborative tool. You and your team members can work together on any piece of content, from its planning stages, through creation and distribution. The platform has an internal chat area, so that you and your team can discuss workflow, approvals and what needs to be done in an controlled environment, away from your audience.

If you're the administrator of your account, you should start by adding your team members to the ScribbleLive account. There are different roles that you can assign to people, so that you fully control how they interact with the content. Here's some more on the permissions allowed to each role. 

For more detailed instructions on adding users to your account, setting and changing their roles, see this article

Setting up your Profile

Once your administrator has set up your account, you should set up your profile. See here for instructions on doing so. When setting up a profile, it's important to set up an avatar correctly (50px by 50px), and make sure your username is appropriate. This helps your audience easily identify who is producing the content they're seeing.

An important tactical question you'll want to ask yourself (and, of course, answer) is, "How do I want my back-end users (platform account holders) identified (on the audience view) when they create content in our streams? As themselves (i.e. Jane C. Staffer) or as Us (i.e. World's Best Inc.)?"

Your ScribbleLive back-end content producers are identified to your audience by whatever name and image your content producers use on their ScribbleLive account profile. 

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