Collections: Digital Media Management Magic

Marty Doupe -

ScribbleLive's Collections help content creators and marketers maintain brand consistency and facilitate greater collaboration around their content experiences by providing a central hub for asset storage, management and publishing to your streams. Heck, Collections even lets your audience members upload their digital gems to Collections you pre-select from the back-end. Nifty, right?

And there's more:

Some of the key features in Collections include:

  • Store and manage assets: Upload image and video files to a collection, where they can live until you’re ready to curate or publish them into an experience/stream.
  • Full asset readiness: Prepare images and video for prime time with editing features and captions, to create a standardized description and provide attribution.
  • Tag and search: Easily find the assets you’re looking for with tagging, search and filtering capabilities.
  • Asset reuse: Images and video can be expensive to produce or procure. Collections make it easy to surface content for reuse across content experiences.
  • Collect audience-generated content: Tap into the content mines of your audience, and gather user-generated content right in your Collection, where you can manage, organize and publish it to any content experience.

Collections are fully integrated across ScribbleLive, meaning you’ll have access to all of your assets whether you’re planning a blog post, or running a live chat. To learn more about how you can put ScribbleLive's Collection to good and effective use, check out the Collections training section.

This release is also bigger than asset management; it lays the foundation for future development where we plan on tackling some very exciting features around the way that content is planned, created, distributed and interacted with and how to measure all of it. So stay tuned for that.


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