ScribbleLive Projects: coordinate, collaborate, schedule, promote and measure

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Projects help content marketers and publishers plan their content strategy by collaborating on topics, experiences, goals, distribution channels and promotion. They can create original content and source and curate from social media, RSS feeds and stock photography, ensuring they’re creating the best experience for their audience. And our measurements give them a holistic view of what content on what channel is best at driving success—however “success” has been defined.

Some of the key features of ScribbleLive Projects include:

  • Collaboration and scheduling tools: Assign project members and schedule Stream publication and event promotion (think Social channel amplification.)
  • Holistic views: See bird's eye views of collections of related Streams and how effective engagement levels and Social promotions are; or drill down into each Project event and see who's doing what and when things are scheduled to happen.  
  • Customizable content goals: Content can be planned against customizable goals—do you want to use content to drive your audience to a particular page? Or give you a particular piece of information?—allowing teams to measure how effective a project and its content is at converting audiences.
  • Templated content experiences: With just a click, create responsive content experiences—from articles, to social walls to live events—and plan where they will live.
  • Channel-based measurement: Promote your content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and we’ll tell you which of those channels—and even which individual posts—were best at driving conversions.

Interested in actually seeing all this Projects magic? Click here for the text book version and click the Play button below for the Hollywood version.

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