Choosing your content experience (your audience view)

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What content experience should I choose?

Great content tells a great story, and the experience that content is delivered in can set your content apart from the rest. ScribbleLive allows you to publish content in a number of experiences, including:


The most traditional content experience we offer is that of an Article. But even these articles go beyond what any traditional CMS can do.

Scribble Articles allow content creators to create their own original, stunning content and incorporate third-party sources (think: Tweets, Instagram photo and video, YouTube videos, Getty Images, etc.) with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Articles can be published to your ScribbleLive white label or embedded into your site.


Streams are what Scribble is most known for. A stream allows you to publish content incrementally—a call to action here, a curated tweet slideshow next, followed by a poll. Streams live-update; the audience will see your latest update in real time.

Great use-cases for streams include liveblogs, live chats, conference/tradeshow updates, or about 1,000 other things.

Do you have a story you want to tell visually? Is chronological order not of the utmost importance? Scribble's Pinboards are perfect for this.

Use a pinboard to lay out individual pieces of content in a, well, pinboard display. They're great for social walls, or content roundups (see Rogers' Project 97, at the top of this screen).

One by one, you can display your posts in a Timeline. Timelines are great when you want to lay out your content in chronological order.

Use-cases for a timeline would include event reenactment or chronological emphasis on individual content atoms. This content experience can be enhanced with scheduling all of your content, so you can choose the exact times that will appear on your timeline.

Creating content—especially content that is gathering engagement in real time—demands time and resources to properly plan and source your content. Using ScribbleLive, you can create unpublished collections (you may hear us also call them raw feeds) that allow you to get your content ready for your audience.

While this isn't something that your audience will directly experience per se, it is important to note that this content can be collected in an unpublished, or staging environment, ready to send live to your audience with just a few clicks.

All of the content you create, whether in an unpublished collection or for a stream, pinboard or timeline, can be pulled out of that experience and embedded elsewhere on its own as a Content Atom.

Content Atoms allow you to embed an individual post—be it a poll, profiling form or photo gallery, to name but a few—on its own. All metrics are tracked back to the source of the atom, so you will have a holistic view of the engagement your content is getting.

With each of these experiences, you have the ability to create compelling content, to curate from around the web and to include interactive elements to drive user engagement. Most front-end experiences update live, so when you add content or make any changes from the back-end, your audience sees the changes right away. They'll never miss something because they didn't refresh the page.

And, of course: Experiences are built intelligent and responsive, so that you can deliver your content across devices.

Build your own adventure with the API

Our out of the box offerings not quite what you're looking for? Our REST API makes it possible to build anything you like—the sky's the limit! Check out our developer documentation and start playing around with some of our open-source projects and SDKs on Github.

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