Use cases for raw feeds / staging streams

Belinda Alzner -

So, we have already established what a raw feed is, how to use it and what it does for you. Let's walk through some use cases for when a raw feed would come in handy. 

Create backgrounders, prepare bios, and prep any other applicable content (photos, polls, social curations...the list goes on!) for whatever your needs may be in a raw feed. 

Have content/news contributors send in all content to a raw feed; where your editors can then copy edit, format and load into your live event when deemed appropriate. This can help your newsroom craft a meaningful narrative and add editorial oversight to live content.

Auto-follow multiple hashtags, Twitter handles, RSS feeds, Flickr accounts and/or Facebook keywords, have them flow into a raw feed and then select from the most appropriate ones from this list for your front-facing stream.

Everyone loves to give their opinion! Create a slew of polls in a raw feed and pull them in when you want to encourage audience participation. This can be especially useful for a second-screen experience—during a commercial break, ask your readers about the program they’re watching and get their real-time feedback. Like this!


NOTE: Source metrics on polls are always attributed back to the original source, so your "raw feed" reporting pages may indicate that viewers have seen the content. i.e. If you have published a poll originally created in a raw feed to a stream in which the poll is viewed, both the public stream and your "raw feed" stream's reporting page will display the number of times the poll was seen, etc.

So what does this look like in action? Watch me prepare some simple content easily, breezily and beautifully.

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