Stream or Article? Q&A or Social Stream?

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These call-outs on your Dashboard are how you will get started with creating content. Here's a quick breakdown on what they each mean. Check our our knowledge base for detailed explanations for how the settings for each differ.

Streams & Articles

Streams and Articles are the two main ways you will create content. (Don't get these confused with experiences! Streams are the foundation for pinboard, timeline, unpbulished collections and content atom experiences as well.) 

Streams allow you to publish content incrementally, at a pace of your choosing. It may be minute-by-minute updates during a live event, or daily updates to an always-on stream of content on a topic. A stream can take on any of the following experiences: stream, pinboard, timeline, unpublished collection and content atom.  

Articles allow you to publish more traditional blog-style content. But, unlike content management systems in which content creators put together traditional blog-style content, Scribble allows you to add dynamic content (tweets, polls, video) directly into an article with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Both streams and articles can be published to your white label or embedded in your site. 


Social Streams and Q&As

Both of the social stream and Q&A call-outs are, for all intents and purposes, a different type of stream. These can be displayed with any type of experience. 

Social Streams take you right to the Twitter automation page upon successful stream setup so you can create an automated stream of social content. This is great if you're using a pinboard experience for a social or UGC wall. (Pro tip: After you set up your Twitter auto-follows, do the same for Instagram!)

Q&As take you right to the Q&A writing view upon successful stream setup. This writing view differs from our standard view, putting an emphasis on audience engagement moderation. It boasts an "On Deck" workflow, so that you can separate great audience questions or comments from the noise. Team members can respond directly and publish the question/comment and answer/response at the same time. 



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