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The first step in your ScribbleLive content creation adventure is to set up the environment in which you will create said content. That is, to create a new stream.

REFRESH: You will create a stream if you are creating content with the experience of stream, pinboard, timeline or content atom.

Get started by clicking the Create a New Stream button on the Dashboard (or, alternatively, Q&A or Social Stream). You can find detailed instructions on all of the settings available in your stream setup on our knowledge base, but here, we have outlined how to execute some of the most common use-cases. 

Say you have a piece of content that has a live element to it, or that will launch at a particular date and time. You can set it up in ScribbleLive in advance, publish it to your site, and start promoting the URL, where the audience will be able to sign up for an email reminder. 

To allow people to sign up for email reminders:

  1. Create a New Stream
  2. In the Stream Start Time field, place the date and time that your stream will go live/the time at which you'd like to notify the audience. 
  3. Publish the stream. You will see the email reminder area at the top of whichever experience you've chosen. 

PRO TIP: If you're embedding a stream, pinboard or timeline, put the URL of where your experience is embedded in the Promotional URL area at the bottom of the Embed tab on the Template setup page. 

To send the reminder email:

  1. When the time that your Stream Start Time is set at comes, load the Writing page. You will see a popup letting you know that people have signed up for an email reminder and would you like to send it now? 
  2. Make sure there is a URL in the box of this popup. It will be automatically generated from your white label (if you've published your stream there), or from the Promotional URL mentioned above. If you have not used either of these, input the URL where your audience can find this stream's content now.
  3. Send the reminder! OR
  4. Choose to ignore it. Each time you reload the writing page, Scribble will prompt you to send it out. You control when exactly the email is sent.

ANOTHER PRO TIP: Make sure there is some content published in your stream before sending the stream reminder email. You don't want your audience to show up to a blank experience. 


Scribble allows you to open a dialogue with your audience. They can comment on your content at the stream level (comments) or at the post level (discussions). Enable both from your Stream Setup page and allow people to interact in all kinds of ways. 

See our knowledge base for more on setting up your commenting and discussions just the way you like them. 

You can choose the experience for your content from the setup Templates page. Publish a stream to your white label, or get the embed code for a stream, pinboard or timeline experience. 

If you are going the embed route, don't forget to set up your templates first. Once you have the embed code, simply insert it wherever you'd like the content to appear on your page.

To get a content atom embed code...well, we're not quite there yet. Hang tight! 

ScribbleLive is a collaborative tool. You can invite your team members to contribute to content with you, and you can invite guests to take part in streams on a one-off basis. We even have an internal chat area, to make sure everyone is on the same page at all times. 

When setting up a stream, you can choose to place it in the Scribble Market and make it available for syndication by any of our global network of media and brand customers. With applications for news (original breaking news reporting) and brands alike (the GRAMMY awards syndicated coverage of its award show last year with much success), the Market is a great way to source content you might be missing, or amplify your content's reach via syndication.

Our team has compiled some tips to help you get the most out of the Scribble Market

Start Writing!

Our collaborative writing interface allows you to publish posts into the experience you've chosen. The posts can be purely original content, purely third-party content from our integration sidebar or a combination of both. The posts can be full-length articles, or tweet-length snippets. The posts can come from your internal brand voice, or from your audience.

It's a truly flexible platform, made incredible by our customers' creativity. 

In terms of how to start creating content—check out these articles. 

 We've put together a quick video that walks you through the Stream setup process if you're just looking for an overview of how to do it. (Note: This video includes features only available in our Enterprise plan. If you are on our Professional plan, features may vary from what is shown.)

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