The Content Engagement Lifecycle

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Planning, creating, curating and distributing content is an always-on, iterative process. ScribbleLive has tools to help you manage your content marketing, throughout its entire lifecycle. 


What content will you create? For whom will you create it? Where will it live? These are all important questions to ask when it comes to planning your content. 

ScribbleLive allows you to plan and collect content to use at a moment's notice. 
When it comes to creating, you'll be doing much more than putting text on a Web page. Use the ScribbleLive platform to create original content and interactive polls, curate content from third-party sources, real-time social sources and existing online feeds, to create a rich, dynamic and live-updating content experience.

Get how-to's around publishing content

Content can be distributed in a number of ways, including:
  • To a ScribbleLive-hosted white label page
  • Embedded on your site using responsive technology
  • Built into your site or mobile app with a custom API integration
  • To a global network in the Scribble Market
  • To social networks with built-in social integrations

See how-to's around content visualizations.

Your audience can interact at broad and granular levels with content created in ScribbleLive. Ask them questions, get their responses and respond directly to them in real time. Meaningful engagement has never been so easy! Some of the ways that the audience can interact with you and your content includes:
  • Sharing
  • Comments
  • Content-specific discussions
  • Real-time polling
  • Profiling questions

Get interaction how-to instructions here.

ScribbleLive has robust built-in analytics you can use to measure the success of your content across all channels. We give you insight into all traditional metrics, as well as enhanced content and audience-level metrics, that you can filter through to measure against your KPIs. 

Check out measurement how-to articles.

ScribbleLive's in-depth content and audience engagement analytics allow you to, like never before, gain insight into your content's performance and how it reaches and engages your audience. Use these insights to better plan, craft and shape your content. 
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